High Quality Storage

The high quality storage service at BioKryo is based on the Fraunhofer Cryostorage-Technology (FCT) including hood- & lift-system and electronic cryovials stored at below -140°C in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen.

The new concept of Fraunhofer-IBMT for cryorepositories, as they were introduced in the Fraunhofer-Bioarchive or the GHRC cryorepository for HIV-samples, illustrates an innovative standard for long-term storage of cryo- and biosamples. This standard is the basis for new automatization and centralization approaches, as they were developed in the Fraunhofer-Cryostorage-Technology (FCT).

With the aid of FCT, it is now for the first time possible to close the cooling chain of a sample from freezing to its storage. Thereby a sample is no longer subject to temperature changes, which influence its quality. Furthermore, the storage place is kept ice free by introducing a hood system. Connection of a sample to its related data is an essential component of FCT. Each vial is equipped with a chip, on which all sample data is saved. Thereby, a 100 % identification of a sample is guaranteed. Already existing samples in conventional vials may be stored in this biobank with the FCT by using an adapter system.


Fraunhofer-Institut für Biomedizinische Technik IBMT