Acting on your instructions BioKryo stores valuable research samples as well as personal therapeutically samples in its own biobank. Several sample storage methods are offered by BioKryo, such as the classical storage and the high quality storage. As a matter of course we also organize the whole transport of your samples. In doing so we are able to transport and store your valuable materials from a single sample up to whole cryovessels.

The BioKryo stores research samples and therapeutic samples in its cryobank according to your order.  Available cooling processes for your samples are the classical cryostorage and the high quality storage, using Fraunhofer-Cryotechnology. As a matter of course we also take care of the transport of your samples. From a single sample to whole cryogenic tanks we accept everything.

"Highest quality in the storage of valuable biological samples using cryogenics"


Our services


Biobanking Service

The classical cryostorage service at BioKryo is based on the storage in a standard cryotank at below -140°C in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen or in freezern at about -80°C. 

Logistik & Beratung

Cryologistics & Consulting

BioKryo organizes and manages the whole cryologistic for the transport of your samples as a full service.